Fun & Flattering Medium Length Haircuts for Women of All Ages

Medium Length Haircuts for Women

There are various reasons why one may not want to have either short or very long hairstyles. Short hair may be difficult to tie into a ponytail and also put off many different styling opportunities. Longer hair, on the other hand, may be quite difficult to maintain. Sometimes, some ladies just want to switch things up from their short or long hair but don’t want to go completely to the other side. For such people, the medium length haircuts are kind of the Goldilocks zone, where you don’t veer off too much on either side, but kind of get some get benefits of both worlds. So let us take a look at some great and trendy medium length haircuts.

Lob cut: This haircut is just a longer version of the simple and classic bob cut. You can also add bangs this style, and maintaining and styling this haircut daily is not that much more difficult than a simple bob cut. Yet, it provides much more flexibility in terms of styling, including the possibility of ponytails. You can also keep the bangs a bit longer and sweep them across in order to give your face a slim look. You could make things a little bit more interesting by adding a few layers at the end of the hair. You could also curl the ends in or flip them out to give a chic look. Another similar cut is a simple shoulder length layered cut. If you already have a shoulder-length haircut, you can make it interesting by tapering and shaping your hair around your face and leaving all else intact. This will put your face in focus and your hair will elegantly fall around it.

A simple style with medium length hair, especially one with plenty of volume especially with curly texture is just to rail it all in with a headband. It takes little to pull off, just take a band and pull all your hair back. And you can get creative with your bands or other accessories. If you have a wavy hair, you can also use the natural wave of your hair to your advantage. Get a layered cut beginning the front ones near the chin level, so that any wavy nature just pulls hair away from your face in these front layers, and then use the wave as a guide for the next layered cuts.

If you don’t want anything complicated and simplicity is your thing, just a straight horizontal cut beyond the shoulder line also works pretty well, especially with dark hair. For those with heavily curly hair, curling them into proper spirals of appropriate size and then letting them rest naturally can work pretty well as well. But if you are going for something funky, you can go for a layered lob haircut with straight or shaggy textured look. The different colours among the layers can be something conventional like chestnut or copper, or you can go funky all the way with something like blue, green, purple etc.