Online Shopping Security Tips to Protect Your Money

With each passing day, e-business and e-commerce impact our lives on a large scale. Many people can consider themselves to be seasoned purchasers with a great sense of security but a few tips are always great to protect your money. You can check articles on internet for Online Shopping Security Tips by Lifestyle Content Writers or Entertainment Content Writers. Here are few tips to Protect Your Money.


  1. Do research

When visiting a new website for buying any item, you should read the website’s reviews and check if other users have had a negative or positive experience with the website.

  1. Keep your PC clean

You must keep all web-connected devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs ‒ free from infections and malware by running only the new versions of apps as well as software.

  1. Returning Products

If you have to return any product that doesn’t suit you, you may check the return period.

  1. Never use the same password for all accounts

It would be difficult to remember passwords for single site, but services such as 1Password and iCloud Keychain may assist you remember your passwords. These types of services store all of your passwords in encrypted form, enabling you to unlock all vendors with 1 secured access code.

  1. Unique password, unique account

If you have different passwords for each account, it will assist you to thwart cybercriminals. Keep separate your personal as well as work accounts and ensure that your important accounts have the strong passwords.

  1. Check out the address bar

The scammers may redirect users to a fraudulent site which looks actually same as the real website. Ensure that the address of website in the address bar is same as it must be. You may check for unfamiliar domain names and typing errors. Never click through to a vendor website from the email, as you can be redirected to a fraud site.

  1. Only purchase from reputable sellers

It is very essential to research the company that you are purchasing from. You may use websites ‘review of consumer in order to check for customer experience and testimonials stories.

  1. Use popular browser tools

Many famous browsers have optional extensions, filters and add-ons which may warn you of suspected phishing websites and suspicious sites. Few firewalls and antivirus programs also install browser tools in order to filter search results and prevent you from fraud websites.


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