Tips on Dressing When You Are Short

If you find yourself wandering down the apparel aisle in search of great styles for short people you are not alone. There are many people out there just like you who are petite in size. There is nothing wrong with being short. Don’t let the fact that you are not tall discourage you from thinking you can’t have style. There is a lot you can do to boost your appeal without growing taller. In fact, since there are a lot of women who are petite in size there is even guidelines that can be followed to help you find your style. According to an article, appearing taller and leaner all depends on what you are wearing. What you want to achieve is the illusion of height without actual growing (which is impossible once you hit the adult stage in your life). For example, if you are looking for height than you should follow these suggestions: go for tighter clothing in order to avoid extra bulk, stick with only a few color variations, wear high heels but avoid heels with straps, stick with vertical patterns instead of horizontal patterns, take it easy on oversized accessories, wear high waisted pants and skirts, pick out glasses and sunglasses that are propitiate to your face, avoid boxyness, pick a handbag that fits your physique which means no large handbags, wear v-line tops, choose boots that stop at your knee, and wear a jacket that is the same length as your dress.

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